Stream of consciousness...

Smart people = crazy/eccentric people… I love Norman because of all the eclectic businesses and eccentric people. The town has a charm that is perpetuated by the people. And I have something in common with them all… we all chose to live out our lives in the place that makes us the happiest. This is the place I first called home. Despite growing up in a small town of my own… I never knew what home felt like until I moved to Norman. I learned that home wasn’t just the four walls around you. A late realization for a 21 year old, most of my friends knew what home us long before me. 

But those people,  most of the people I knew in high school, weren’t my friends. I know now they were mere acquaintances along my path. A path that was very very different than theirs. A path less travelled. I believe those of us who choose a less travelled path, whether it be conscious or subconscious, want to be able to tell a grand story at the end of our lives. And we want it to be true. I have a hard time sitting still in my life for too long because I’m afraid of missing out on an experience in life. 

Now… what you find to be an interesting or worthwhile life experience may differ from my definition. In fact, I’m sure it probably does. I’m learning that perhaps I want to experience the full emotional spectrum of life. This makes me reckless from time to time. Like a need for another bump, I seek-out self-destruction. All for my next high… the next emotional speedway I can crash my heart into. Only then am I living. Feeling a higher high, or lower low then I’ve ever felt before. Before – when I was safe, trying to follow the beaten path. I failed… happily – because it meant adding a chapter to my story. The story of my life… written from my home, safe and sound.


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